Small things can solve big problems...

29th September 2016

Temperature Indicator

Small things can solve big problems.  Anyone having film adhesion problems?  Have you had rejected work due to delamination?  We’ve found this temperature indicator really effective in helping to eliminate adhesion issues – check it out!  

One of our engineers James was recently given one of these handy gadgets as a gift, and now it’s almost the favourite tool in his toolbox!  The other day, a Cellcoat client saw James using the tool and liked it so much that he asked us to get one for him!  This tool allows the operator to take a true reading of the temperature of the roller at the actual point of lamination.  Whilst temperature measurement isn’t the only thing that can affect lamination, it is a critical factor in the mix to achieve a great result. 

Because we think this temperature indicator can help you too, it’s now listed on the Printaply website, click here to view more details.



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