Instant Lamination For Digital Print!

21st September 2017


Instant Lamination for Digital Print

We're almost ready for your visit! 

See us at Label Expo 2017 next week where we're showcasing our new solution - instant lamination for digital print.

Our goal is to make your life easier.   Our vision is to revolutionise the finishing process for the digital printer. That’s why we’re delighted to reveal our new product to you at Label Expo 2017… 

Come and meet the Topaz. 

The Topaz is a reel-to-reel laminator developed to operate with HP Indigo, Xeikon and Screen ink jet printing technology.

The Topaz makes dry film lamination possible for use on IML, label, flexible packaging and carton board.

The days of 24 hours curing time are now behind you - would you like to be able to offer your customers a hugely improved turnaround on anything laminated?  Now is the chance.


Contact us to book an appointment at the show, or arrange a visit to see the machine at our factory. | 0114 269 3322



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