Emerald Photobook

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Emerald Photobook Overview

The Cellcoat Emerald 52 has been specifically designed for laminating variable printed media using high quality films for photobook applications. Cellcoat’s unique Web Cutter cuts across the film web leaving a perfectly flat sheet for further processing. Standard width is 520mm or 20 inch, with variable sheet lengths to match digital printers requirements. Designed for ease of operation to maximize production for a quick return on investment.

• HTB feeder capable of achieving printing speeds on all kinds of paper and board
• Closed circuit water heated chrome roller
• Pneumatically controlled lever system giving 4 tonnes of pressure to ensure high quality lamination
•Unique Webcut technology for cutting tough films:
      • Nylon
      • Polyester
      • PVC
      • OPP
• Film air shaft with slitter for cutting odd sized papers
• Stacker

Technical Specification

Emerald Photobook
  • Maximum Sheet Width: 520mm
  • Maximum Sheet Length: 1050mm
  • Minimum Sheet Width: 210mm
  • Minimum Sheet Length: 250mm
  • Laminating Temperature: Max 140 degrees
  • Paper Thickness: 115-600gsm
  • Maximum Speed: 5000 30m/min
  • Roller Pressure: 4 tonnes