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Diamond Overview

The Cellcoat Diamond is in a class of its own.  Very high production rates are provided by a number of features.  The reliability of the HTB feeder along with the no sheet detector gives this machine a ‘set up and run’ feel like no other.  This machine is equipped with an electronic overlap system and a perfectly balanced de-sheeter.


  • Fully Automatic HTB Feeder Head with Pallet Loading
  • Electronic Overlap System
  • No sheet detection system
  • Feeder Vaccum Pump
  • Swiss made Water Heater or Electrical Resitor Heated to 140ºc
  • Film Micro Adjust with Perferation and Slitting Knife
  • Automatic De-sheeter
  • Vibrating Jogger Table

Technical Specification

  • Maximum Sheet Width: 760mm

  • Maximum Sheet Length: 1020mm

  • Minimum Sheet Width: 210mm

  • Minimum Sheet Length: 240mm

  • Laminating Temperature: 140°c

  • Paper Thickness: 115-600gsm

  • Maximum Speed: 40m/min

  • Roller Pressure: 6 tonnes

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