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Through its products, CellcoAt is proud to reflect the values of quality, precision and productivity that have earned Sheffield a global reputation for excellence. Since 1986, members of the team have focused all their energy on ensuring that its designs satisfy your desire for perfection.

The professional laminator, electronic overlap and the user friendly controls are all unique inventions designed for your everyday peace of mind.

Because CellcoAt shares the same productivity awareness as you - its Sheffield engineers work tirelessly, day in day out, to anticipate tomorrow's trends. All its products’ features - designs, controls and ergonomics – are designed with ease of use and reliability in mind.


What our clients say...


"During my recent search for a laminating machine that is robust, operator friendly and above all reliable, I came across Les and the team at Cellcoat. I found them to be a company of the utmost integrity and the professionalism in which they dealt with my query from the outset was very impressive. As a trade finishing house I needed a machine that was versatile and could handle both litho and digitally printed stock with ease. The Emerald 76 has proven to be exactly what I was searching for. Not only are the team at Cellcoat available whenever I have a query regardless of the time of day, they are also very pro-active in calling me on a regular basis to see if they can offer any technical assistance or advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Cellcoat team and their machinery to any company which is looking to build a long term partnership with a reliable and friendly supplier

Michael Cox | Owner | Synergy Print Finishing Solutions


“It has been a privilege to work with Cellcoat during the last 10 years, the machines are simple to install and very versatile, ideal for small and medium runs as required in our day.  We have installed 18 Cellcoat machines in Portugal and since the first EM 76 to the last D105 Twin Pro I can say that I am very proud to have Cellcoat as my partner.  Thank you all.”  

Paulo Silva | Director | Exelcoat, Ida


“We considered many options and suppliers when choosing to purchase a thermal laminator, our decision to purchase a Cellcoat thermal laminator has proved to be the right one. The Diamond 76 we purchased is very user friendly and simple to use. The machine was installed within a few hours and our operators were running the machine the next day. I would strongly recommend this equipment to anyone thinking of buying a laminator”  

Klause Fricke | Director | Hansa Print, South Africa


“Just dropping you a note as I had said I would about the continued success of operations using your Lamtex TI-76 Thermal Film Laminator. We purchased this TI-76 (now Diamond 76) in 1998 and have been running it on a daily basis since then. This piece of equipment is extremely consistent and the availability of parts and the excellent technical support we receive whenever needed makes it a great laminator. Not that over a 16 year period there have not been challenges in the need for advice, parts, quality evaluations, and problem solving, but your responses, the ease of obtaining local parts, and the knowledge you are willing to share have spelled success for us and the TI-76”  

Dave Dunn | CEO | Dunn & Co. Massachusetts USA


“We have 2 Emerald 76 thermal laminators supplied by Cellcoat for the last 12 years. The machines have been very reliable and exceeded our expectations. Back up and service have been very good from Cellcoat. We are often visited the same day and if not engineers are on site early morning to get our equipment back up and running”  

David Duncan | Production Director | Tangent PLC


“Our production department has found the machine to be one of our greatest assets as we do not have to outsource our laminating of our printed bags anymore, we are able to do it all in house and our production time has been dramatically decreased by us laminating our own paper bags and the laminating film is of great quality. The service received from the engineer was of highest standards and Pasco Packaging cc would definitely recommend the laminator to any company needing his great asset to make a positive change in their production line”  

Alberto de Faria | Managing Director | Pasco Packaging CC


(Cellcoat) often visits South Africa and on these occasions will visit our company to check and service our machine. We highly recommend Cellcoat as well as the laminating machine which we purchased as it has improved our efficiency as well as service to our customers”  

Frank Retter | Production Director | Trident Press (pty)


“We purchased this laminator and it has performed flawlessly and continues to run like the first day we purchased it. It takes very little maintenance and have never had a problem with the machine at all. The installation was thorough and complete. I have owned competitors laminating equipment before and none of them would hold a candle to this machine as far as ease of operation, quality of product produce, little maintenance and customer service”  

Chris Urbano | President & CEO | American Graphic Finishers


“I just thought I'd drop you a line to thank you guys for a great purchase.  The Ruby 52 has been a fantastic addition to A1 Press. It's not only saved us money from outsourcing our laminating but created much less stress on our workflow now we are in control of our laminated finishing.

Installation was simple and easy, up and running to full production speed in a couple of days, really simple to use.  This really has been a first class buy for us thank you.”

Rob Want | Production | A1 Press


I am writing, now, to let you know how pleased we are with the performance of the Ruby 52 recently installed here by Cellcoat… ln the current age of ‘give me the money then don't bother me again’ it is refreshing to find a company as committed as Cellcoat are to good, ongoing customer relationships.”

Marcus Dwyer | Owner | Foilworks

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